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Nadherne vyjadrenie toho kde je domov:

This is how home feels, being with you in a vulnerable embrace… Nothing to hide, showing you my every insecurity… and it’s alright.

Not saying a word, but still letting our lips do the talking…

Being this close, our hearts whisper to each other without a word

Your heart beats through every vain, from your forehead, down your neck and back again

This physical sensation

This beautiful embrace

Leaves me content to just be with you

In a perfect moment

That needs no words to describe it

Because they would take away from it’s magic

This must be how home feels

Being with you in a vulnerable embrace

Nothing to hide

Showing you my every insecurity

And it’s alright

In this way, being with you

We feel

We heal

And we allow each other to be brand new

This must be how home feels

Showing you all of me

And it’s alright




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